★ Minecraft – 1.4.2 Hacked Client – Odobenus – Superman

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★ Minecraft – 1.4.2 Hacked Client – Odobenus – Superman latest addition to our website. This tool is completely safe and will not let you down. Program includes latest features and some extra tips and tricks.

★ Minecraft – 1.4.2 Hacked Client – Odobenus – Superman works with Windows OS, MAC OS and some of the latest Mobile platforms, like android and iOS. We are working hard to make this tool available on wide variety of devices.

This tool will NOT contain any hidden ads or other malicious files, we are really serious about our users safety.

★ Minecraft – 1.4.2 Hacked Client – Odobenus – Superman has built in proxy and VPN for mask your IP address and give you 100% anonymity.

All working features, tips, tricks and how to use instruction will be included in download file. Please read it carefully.
If you have any questions or you want to report an error, please don’t hesitate and contact us. Enjoy ★ Minecraft – 1.4.2 Hacked Client – Odobenus – Superman


MOD Download – hhttp://bit.ly/2j0q0bZ

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★ Minecraft – 1.4.2 Hacked Client – Odobenus – Superman

▼ More Info/Download Link:

☠ Client by: Merlin Walrus Pants

▥ Hacked Client Library:


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Sneak Hack – sneaks for ye
Speed Hack – Makes you walk faster (Adjustable)
Speedy Gonzales – mines blocks faster (Adjustable)
Kill Aura – Attacks entities for you, NoCheat Bypass! (Adjustable)
Smasher – Breaks all 1-hit blocks, originally a torch annihilator NoCheat Bypass!
Brightness – Full Bright. Brightens the world. (Adjustable)
X-Ray – sees blocks that.. you wanna see lolol like ores n shit. (Adjustable)
Sprint – Sprints for you. (Also sprints faster than normal.) NoCheat Bypass!
Nuker – Nukes selected blocks, shows selected blocks. (Adjustable) NoCheat Bypass!
ESP – Renders rectangles around players, showing their direction, if they’re selected by the kill aura, and turns color if they get hit.
Flight – flys ’round n shit. (Adjustable)
Instant – more of a pre-break, mines blocks faster.
NameTags – Scales names up when you back away, making them easier to see.
AutoTool – switches to the best tool in your hot-bar.
NoFall – stops fall damage.
AutoSign – automagically place a sign with a preset text on it. You assign the text by placing a sign normally, then clicking the autosign button when you have the text ready.
FreeCam – allow you to fly outside of your body freely to explore around you.
NoRender – stops rendering drops. (useful for lag, or annoying ass blocks)
FastPlace – place blocks faster. (Adjustable)
Auto Tree – places down saplings, then bonemeal to mass create trees. (Adjustable)
NoWeather – stops rendering the weather. (can lag you, or annoy you.)
Tracer – traces a line to other players, changing color by distance.
NoSwing – stops swinging your arm.
Jesus – walk on water.
WallHack – see entities through the wall.
WallClimb – climb up walls, like a spider.
NoPush – stop being pushed by stuff. Also an anti-knockback.
BreadCrumbs – draws a dashed line showing where you’ve been.
Chams – shows where the entities body can be seen when they’re behind cover
HeadInBody – puts your head in your body NoCheat Bypass!
Retard – regular derp mode NoCheat Bypass!
MoonWalk – makes your head go backwards n shit NoCheat Bypass!
L33t Speak – m4k35 y0u t41k 1ik3 7hi5
Caps Speak – Makes You Talk Like This
Optifine (HD Texture support, with optimized gameplay, and more customization for performance)
NoCheat mode
Bow Aimbot – aimbots with the adjusted bow angles
Auto Soup – automagically eats soups
Step Hack – make your player walk up blocks (Adjustable)
Hit Spheres – draws a sphere around players, showing their hit range.
High Jump – jump super high. (Adjustable)
Auto Jump – Jumps up when you collide against a block. A nocheat alternative for step.



★ Minecraft – 1.4.2 Hacked Client – Odobenus – Superman
How to install:
1. Download, extract and run .exe file
(If your antivirus blocking file, pause it or disable it for some time.)
2. Press Install button
3. Choose destination folder
4. Press Finish

How to Use:
Open destination folder and locate file notes.txt, open it and read step by step.

★ Minecraft – 1.4.2 Hacked Client – Odobenus – Superman

This file was added by Johnnie Armstrong. All files are tested before published, some of files may have flagged by AV, but we assure there is no threats to your PC. We are not responsible if your 3rd party account got banned by using ★ Minecraft – 1.4.2 Hacked Client – Odobenus – Superman files.

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