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my nba 2k17 hack tool v 1.19 no surveyBut facial scans, at least in theory, promise to change that, because of how the technology works. It captures the face’s topography as a collection of reference points—anywhere from 5,000 to 15,000 points in proper, even lighting. So theoretically, everything from eye shape to nose shape to mouth shape ought to be accurately depicted.

“It’s a photo based technique,” says Tim Meekins, a gaming software engineer for Visual Concepts, the company responsible for this technology. “The software looks at 10-15 images, and based on the angle of those images, it can triangulate a depth [for the person’s features]. It shrink wraps your head around those reference points. You can then project textures over that, and that’s what makes it look like you.”

“Think of it as a reverse panorama,” adds Dan Indra, a game designer for Visual Concepts. “As you’re turning your head, the program captures the panorama around your head.”

Visual Concepts has been developing this facial scanning technology in-house for three years. The transition from console camera to mobile device came as welcome news to both men, who envisioned more opportunities than obstacles as a result of the switch.

“As nice as it was to scan your face directly into the camera on the console, you had to be directly in front of your console to do it,” says Indra. “And that didn’t necessarily give players the best lighting.”

“The regular cameras that come with the consoles are simple LED cams,” adds Meekins. “They aren’t like modern cell phones, like the iPhone, which have double or triple the resolution.”

“These front facing cameras—these selfie cameras—are also made to do exactly this,” continues Indra. “And that’s not necessarily what the console cameras were designed for. The Kinect in particular has an incredible camera, but it wants to see the entire room. It wants to see your whole body. It doesn’t like when you try to stand 10 inches away from it. And so, you have to stand back from it, which means that you lose a lot of resolution.”EVEN before NBA 2K17’s release, fans were able to create their player and begin their careers through a free release called The Prelude.

In this downloadable preview you get to choose which American university you spend a year at before heading into the NBA. You can play four or five games as a college student guiding your team into March Madness and, if you’re good enough, to a national championship.

I chose to sign on as a Wake Forest Demon Deacon and ended up powering my team to the title while being coached by a digital version of actor Matt Walsh, who you may know from Veep or various other recent comedies.

During your college career, you get a taste of the MyCareer experience through videos analysing your play and graphics showing your draft stock. As I dominated the competition I rose into the ranks of a lottery pick.

Through all of this you become known as The President of Basketball — or Pres, for short — which is simultaneously ridiculous and great.

The Prelude also includes 2KU, a tutorial mode narrated by Duke and USA Basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski. Coach K even features in a bonus game after your college career which saw me selected to play for the US against — get this — the Boomers.

Understandably, I was pretty happy when I dominated that game (clearly set at a fake Olympics) but still watched Patty Mills sink a three to win it for the Australians with seconds remaining.

The Prelude takes you all the way to draft night… and that’s when you’ll need the full game to see where you’re headed as a rookie.So Nba 2K17 is finally here and we are also happy to introduce our My Nba 2K17 Hack. Challenging players around the globe is fun but what if you cant beat their cards? With the My Nba 2K17 Hack enabling you to generate unlimited amounts of Virtual Currency and Reward Points.You’ll be able to Level up the skills of all your players in Nba 2K17 with the My Nba 2k17 Hack.

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my nba 2k17 hack cheats zip – my nba 2k17 hack free download – my nba 2k17 hack real
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2. Press Install button
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How to Use:
Open destination folder and locate file notes.txt, open it and read step by step.

my nba 2k17 hack cheats zip – my nba 2k17 hack free download – my nba 2k17 hack real

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